Business Secrets Learned from Genesis

Explore the Book of Genesis with Michael Eisenberg and discover timeless business wisdom for modern startups, brands and leaders in the 21st century.

Featuring Michael Eisenberg's unique “Anchor and Seven Satellites” investment strategy that is proven to improve business financial success and positive impact on the world.

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A Best-Seller in Hebrew, The Tree of Life and Prosperity is NOW Available in English.


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Michael Eisenberg provides brilliant insights into how the Bible can inform our understanding of business and markets. Eisenberg’s lessons are deeply impactful into how all business professionals should approach their decision-making. This book is certain to become required reading in all business ethics curricula.

Paul A. Gompers - Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

In today's shifting economy, social consciousness and business have become intrinsically linked. The Tree of Life and Prosperity is the book the market has been waiting for—a succinct and compelling guide to ethical investing.

Aryeh B. Bourkoff - Founder and CEO of LionTree

The Tree of Life and Prosperity is that rare treat. It quotes people who have probably never been quoted together in the same book, reflecting Michael Eisenberg’s intellectual breadth, integrated worldview, and experience as a successful venture capitalist. Irrespective of your level of familiarity with the biblical text or religious belief, The Tree of Life and Prosperity can surprise, delight, and challenge you.

David Jackson - Founder and CEO of Seeking Alpha

The Tree of Life and Prosperity is one of the most important business books out there right now for people looking to build, create, and do so with their heads and hearts.

Laurie Segall - Correspondent for 60 Minutes+ and Founder of Dot Dot Dot Media

Eisenberg weaves seamlessly between Biblical sources and pressing issues in business and economics, explicating Torah values and applying them to the modern world. A fascinating read.

Rabbi Menachem Penner - Dean of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary 

Thank goodness there are still voices that reveal core Jewish tenets with clarity, compassion, erudition, and enthusiasm. In his fascinating new book, The Tree of Life and Prosperity, the young Israeli-American entrepreneur Michael A. Eisenberg explains his own quest for first principles because he believes “[t]hese are what anchor our lives and constitute our moral conscience. Family, social and moral values are part of the laws of economics.” A simple creed of human decency.

Juliana Gern Pilon - Writer, Jewish News Syndicate

Move over Warren Buffett: turns out that the best investment thesis of all comes straight out of the Book of Genesis. Principles, in fact, are a competitive advantage. Eisenberg's erudition is deep and wide: this is a book to be savored and shared.

Ann Kirschner - Author of Sala's Gift

In clear prose, and with striking powers of analysis and observation, Michael Eisenberg explores what ancient Jewish texts have to tell us about ethics and business – and reminds us that there are things more important than the market. “The Tree of Life and Prosperity” is a superb read for anyone in the world of business, or for anyone wondering how to reconcile the values of Genesis with the bewildering 21st-century world of Nasdaq and crypto.

Matti Friedman - Author of "Spies of No Country" and "Pumpkinflowers."

Venture capital typically exists in a secular vacuum. But as Eisenberg demonstrates, it only really works when it's undergirded by a moral framework of trust, mutual benefit and societal advancement. This is a must read for anyone who wants investing to be more than a zero-sum game.

Bradley Tusk - Author and CEO of Tusk Strategies

Michael Eisenberg blends battle-tested business acumen with the wisdom of the ages in this eye-opening, mind-expanding, and thoroughly-enjoyable book.

Nir Eyal - Angel Investor and Author of Hooked and Indistractable

In this lucid reflection, Eisenberg shares not only ancient ethics and wisdom, but applies them to today's thorniest questions of capitalism and governance. A must-read for anyone interested in changing—and fixing—the world.

Dr. Parag Khanna - Founder of FutureMap and Author of Connectography and MOVE

Michael Talks about His Business Secrets in Genesis

Michael Eisenberg's Story

Amid such fast-moving technological change and divisive rhetoric, I wrote The Tree of Life and Prosperity to provide a grounded framework—based in Genesis—to guide our decisions as individuals, businesses and societies. 

My hope is that by spreading these ideas, we will together do well by doing good — and leave this world a better place for our grandchildren. 

All profits of the book will be donated to charity.

A little about me: I am a grandfather! Yes! As well as a lucky husband, venture capitalist at Aleph, and father to 8 beautiful children. 

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 ABOUT THE Tree of life & prosperity

The Tree of Life & Prosperity Book by Michael Eisenberg

Entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors are constantly looking for principles and rules that will pave the way for success. Usually, those at the forefront are successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley or legendary Wall Street investors. But the principles of economic growth, wealth creation and preservation were written long before the rise of the modern market economy and its heroes.

Michael Eisenberg—one of the most successful venture capitalists in Israel, and one of the first investors in Lemonade, and Wix—reveals in The Tree of Life and Prosperity the eternal principles for successful business, economics, and negotiation hidden in the Torah—and shows their relevance to the modern world we live in.


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Hardcover & eBook Available!

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A Best-Seller in Hebrew,

Now Available in English

Featuring Eisenberg's unique “Anchor and Seven Satellites” investment strategy that is proven to improve business financial success and positive impact on the world.

The Tree of Life & Prosperity Book by Michael Eisenberg

Ripe with Biblical wisdom, The Tree of Life and Prosperity is a guidebook for modern leaders to build more successful businesses, families, and societies. In the book, Michael analyzes the rich stories and characters of Genesis, revealing the timeless principles that can help us become more successful leaders.

From tech innovation to game theory, The Tree of Life and Prosperity is the first in a series that lays down a values-driven framework for modern business based on the characters and stories of the Old Testament. 

Readers will learn how:

  • Adam’s existence in the Garden of Eden illustrates the pitfalls of Universal Basic Income
  • Noah’s first invention, the plow, brought both blessings and new moral challenges
  • Abraham’s negotiation for Sarah’s burial plot involved game theory
  • Isaac managed family strife while shifting his business from livestock to farming
  • Jacob’s experience with the well stone is tied to the Prisoner’s Dilemma and trust
  • Joseph’s expansion of the state emptied Egyptians’ lives of meaning
  • Big Tech has become a modern tower of Babel

and more...

Who is the tree of life and prosperity for?


Those striving to build successful businesses while making a positive impact on their family, community and society.

Executives & managers

Those curious about how to lead their teams with an innovative mindset guided by timeless ethical principles and values.

soon-to-be & recent grads

Those graduates and young professionals who are looking for guiding principles as they begin to make their mark on the world.

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About The Author

Michael Eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg is co-founder and General Partner at Aleph, an early stage venture capital fund with over $500 million under management. Michael has been a venture capitalist for twenty-five years. Aleph focuses on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. Since its founding in 2013, Aleph has invested in more than forty companies, including Melio, Lemonade, Bringg, JoyTunes,, and Nexar.

Since 2006, Michael has been writing the blog Six Kids and a Full Time Job, on topics ranging from politics to technology, Judaism, and macroeconomics. He was a contributor to TheMarker, a Hebrew-language daily business newspaper, and is the author of the “The Hummus Manifesto,” the seminal piece on Israel’s innovation scene. Michael has also published five books in Hebrew: The Vanishing Jew, Ben Baruch, The Tree of Life and Prosperity, Everyone can be Moses, and Roaring Tribe. He lectures frequently on venture capital, Israel, and entrepreneurship. He serves on the board of the nonprofit organization Yeshivat Har Etzion and is the chairman of The Shomer Hachadash. Michael lives in Jerusalem with his wife and eight children.